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What is Life Like Behind Bars? Pitch Black Afro Opens Up About Life in Jail

Pitch Black Afro has been charged with premeditated murder – he allegedly murdered his wife.

The South African musician is also facing a charge of concealing evidence after he reportedly tampered with the murder scene.

We reported that Thulani allegedly placed a sanitary pad in his deceased wife, Catherine Trisha Modisane’s underwear and claimed the blood on the scene was from her monthly cycle.

If you’ve wondered how life behind bars has been treating Thulani since his arrest, he recently opened up, according to a report by newsmen.

Thulani has been in prison for nearly a month, and a report by Drum indicates that he claims to be eating ‘too much’ and might gain weight if he stayed too long.

He’s currently sharing a cell with 8 prisoners who are also awaiting their trials.

If I stay here too long, I might gain weight because I’m eating too much. Cava my T-shirt is crisp white. I’m not a nyaope dude. I wash my clothes every day and other people even ask me to wash theirs. But I can’t wait to get out of here, man.

There’s apparently a concert also on the horizon.

They asked for a show and why not? They can get speakers and a sound system, and we can do this. Just to uplift the Ama­jita (guys), you know.

Thulani will likely find out later this week if he will be released on bail.

He will be appearing in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court for an official application, which has been delayed because both defence and the state are trying to find evidence to present.

It looks like Thulani has been in good spirits since he was arrested:


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