What Are The Western Cape’s Dam Levels Like At The Moment?

Image Credits: The South African

The Western Cape hasn’t all that much rain this winter. There have been a few spots of rainy days, but it’s not quite settled into that week long persistent drizzle most of us are used to.

It’s no surprise then that dam levels remain critical at 25.4%. The last 10% of that is not safe for consumption.

Over the past month‚ since 6 June 2017 when dam storage levels were at 19‚4%‚ our dam storage levels have only increased by 6%.

There have been some huge boosts in water saving, but the job is far from over. Heavy water restrictions remain in place for the Western Cape. Level 4B water restrictions were implemented this month.

The City is aiming to bring down collective water use to 500 million litres a day and 87 litres per person per day. At the moment, the collective water use stands at 619 million litres a day.

Mayco member Xanthea Limberg said:

“We encourage friends‚ neighbours‚ families and colleagues to join efforts and to see how they can brainstorm new ways of saving water to bring water usage down even further to below 87 litres of water in total per person per day‚ wherever they are. Peer-monitoring could also be a good way to keep motivation levels high.

“Our plans of potentially partnering with the private sector to create a short-term emergency water supply‚ using desalination‚ storm water capture or aquifer extraction‚ are also progressing.”


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