‘We Must Use Parliament to Undo The Injustices of The Past’ – EFF Deputy President

Floyd Shivambu, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) deputy president, delivered a virtual lecture on the land issue as the party approaches its seventh anniversary on July 27.

Shivambu reiterated the party’s mission to fight for the equal redistribution of land among all South Africans.

Here are five quotes from his address:

No land, no freedom

“We are still a conquered people, we are still a defeated people if we don’t reclaim our land. To have a struggle that does not have the return of the land to its rightful owners is to have no struggle at all. It means nothing.”

Land is wealth

“A lot of Africans have been pushed to now believe land is not important. They now believe that if you choose between a job and land, they would choose a job from which they can be fired any time. They can be easily disposed of because that is what colonialism has turned us to be.”

Land reform

“We want to change the constitution and ensure all our people have equitable access to the land in SA.”

ANC has failed

“In 1996, the current government had intentions to redistribute 30% of the land by 2004. Even in 2014 they had not reached the 30%. It’s 2020 now and they have not done it. We must expropriate the whole of SA, and all land must be under the custodianship of the state.”

Correcting the past

“We have got an obligation as parliament and revolutionaries to use parliament to undo the injustices of the past, to undo colonialism. We are not cry babies in the EFF, and that is why we are contesting political power. That is why we use parliament to change the unequal power relations in terms of the control of the economy of the land.”


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