We Can Reach Out To The Stars

There was a joke said that an Irishman or Van Der Merwe (depending on your brand of racism) said that if humans can land on the moon, they can do so on the Sun.

He is told, in no uncertain terms, that the Sun is so hot the spacecraft will burn up long before it gets there.

That’s why, he says, “they should travel at night”.

It was in the middle of the night yesterday (Florida time) that the Parker Solar Probe blasted into the heavens atop a rocket from Cape Canaveral.

The unmanned spacecraft will get closer than any human-made object in history to the centre of our solar system.

Closer, of course, is relative – the craft will be placed in a orbit 6 million kilometres from the surface of the Sun.

This scientific mission is something to be celebrated, because so little is known about the star (which is what the Sun is) that keeps all of us alive.

It is the quest to know more, to find answers, that has been the rocket which has powered the progress of humankind.

Beyond our squabbles, our hatreds, our racism, humans can still reach to the stars.


Written by How South Africa

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