Ways To Avoid Being Lonely Or Settling For Less Than You Deserve

How do young single women of marriageable age  avoid settling for less than they deserve?

Couple talkingCouple talking

Relationship expert Alduan Tartt says women should think more like a man would which means not sticking to one person who hasn’t committed yet.

“A man would have circular dates, they go out on as many dates as they can before narrowing them down to women they have a connection with before finding the one they can have a relationship with and then marry,” he says.

Couple on a dateCouple on a date

Dr. Tartt says a single lady isn’t allowed to date just one guy and not be open to other men who’ll be serious competition for him. As long as he hasn’t asked you to be exclusive with him, then as a single lady you are not allowed to focus on just him.

source: pulse.ng


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