WATCH:Man Destroys DStv Dish In Support Of ‘Uncle’ Steve Hofmeyr And Afrikaans

It is all over social media, the video of a man destroying a DStv satellite dish in support of controversial singer Steve Hofmeyr and Afrikaans .

In the video, a man seemingly instructs his son, who is on the roof of their home, to cut town the dish.

“Is it loose, Boetman?” he asks. “Throw it down, it’s rubbish!” he says.

The younger man then throws the satellite dish on to the ground below.

‘I choose Afrikaans’

“To the trash can with you!” the other man then says. “It’s either you, or Afrikaans. I choose Afrikaans.”

In the background, a young boy is heard asking: “Is it broken?”

“It is broken, my son. I don’t choose him above Afrikaans. I’m done with MultiChoice. Done!”

The younger man then proceeds to knock the dish with a sledgehammer.

“Hit it!” the older man encourages him. “Afrikaans is better than this thing. Now fold it up neatly and throw it in the trash. We’ll put it in the road for the people who collect scrap metal.”

“Why are you breaking it?” the young boy enquires.

“Because, my bull, they [MultiChoice] have decided they don’t like Uncle Steve [Hofmeyr] and Afrikaans. I don’t like spending money on them. You see? If they want to destroy our country and our language, then we won’t continue to pay,” the man tells the boy as the older son continues to bend the dish.


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