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Watch: The Last Time Karabo Mokoena Was Been Spotted Alive

The last footage at any point caught of Karabo Mokoena demonstrates her wearing a pink long-sleeved top‚ with an obviously despondent expression on her face.

CCTV footage identifies the time as 02:48am on Friday 28 April. Within hours‚ Mokoena would die at the hands of her boyfriend Sandile Mantsoe.

In this exclusive TimesLIVE video‚ the investigators and prosecutors responsible for Mantsoe’s conviction and effective 32-year sentence speak about their interactions with the young self-proclaimed forex kingpin – from the time of Mokoena’s disappearance to the end of his trial.

From Mantsoe’s confession to his subsequent insistence that Mokoena had killed herself‚ this story examines how law enforcement officials tried to get inside the head of a man they believe is one of South Africa’s most heartless killers.


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