Watch: How Pearl’s Daughter Burst Into Tears Over Her Mum Surprise Visit To South Africa

TV hostess and Actress has spent the last few months in America, starring in the US TV series Quantico. The move saw Pearl leave her daughter back in South Africa and the pair have hardly had the chance to see each other since.

So, imagine her daughter’s excitement when Pearl decided to show up at her door late one night to surprise her.

Little Thando burst into tears and screams of joy at the sight of her mother. And when Pearl asked her why she was crying, Thando melted our hearts and pierced our souls by whispering “I missed you”.


Take a look:


Reflecting on the experience, Pearl wrote:

“It’s moments like this in life that make all the difference. These moments make you a better person. They bring hope. They are true love. I would like every mom out there to see this and know, understand, have no doubt that you’re worth more than you understand to someone out there. That you’re a source of tears of joy. And your absence is felt beyond words”.

Pearl added that such moments have made her realise how much harder she has to work to make her daughter’s sacrifice worthwhile.

“I’m so proud of how strong she has been. So proud,” Pearl wrote.


Written by Mathew

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