WATCH: Motorist Finds ‘Police Bribe Money’ In Nearby Bushes

shocked asian woman
A video emerged on Facebook recently of what appears to be a civilian finding “bribe” money in the bushes at a roadblock in Alberton, Ekurhuleni.

In the clip, which has since been deleted, a man is recorded as he searches bushes while EMPD officers surround him.

He then takes out a few notes of money from the bushes then turns to the officers and asks them what the money is doing there.

“And this? I am going to now call the police,” the man says.

The officer immediately goes around to his car and says he doesn’t know anything about the money in the bushes.

“I didn’t take anything,” the officer in the video says.

The man in the video claims the officers were taking bribes during the roadblock and hiding the money in the nearby bushes.

He then proceeded to call the SAPS.

Captain Manare Ramotshabi from Alberton Police station confirmed that they have of the video but no case has since been reported.

“I have spoken to my station managers and they have confirmed that no such case was reported to us on this day.”

“We don’t allow any kind of bribes or crimes like this to be committed and if it had been reported, we would have immediately taken action.”

Watch the video here:


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