Watch: Huge Mamba Halts Durban CBD Traffic (Video)

On Saturday afternoon, a huge crowd gathered at the corner of Dr Yusuf Dadoo (Broad) Street and Dr Pixley KaSeme (West) Street in Durban, and police were brought in to control the crowd…
The ‘suspect’ was a 2,2-metre black mamba which had slithered under an unsuspecting motorist’s vehicle while he was parked. Witnesses saw the mamba go under the car, but no-one saw it come out.

Police cordoned off the area and Jason Arnold of Universal Reptiles was called in to try to catch the elusive snake who was not keen to make another appearance. Eventually, the car was towed to the owner’s home, in a quieter location where Arnold hoped the snake would feel safer about coming out.

Upon opening the bonnet, Arnold spotted the large black mamba curled around the cables in the engine compartment. After much coaxing and gentle handling, Arnold finally managed to capture the snake and bag it. He returned it to the wild – far away from human habitation – on Sunday.

Watch the video below:




Written by How South Africa

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