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Watch The Grace Bible Church Sermon That Got Somizi Worked Up

gay sermon
gay sermon

Somizi and the Grace Bible Church in Soweto occupied a major part of the headlines after the Idols SA judge stormed out in the middle of a sermon.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, TV and radio personality Somizi Mhlongo made it clear that he will not be told how to live his life by Grace Bible Church Sermon. The radio jock stormed out of Grace Bible Church on Sunday when a guest pastor referred to homosexuality as a sin.

Somizi expressed his disappointment after the pastor shamed gay people during his sermon at the church on Sunday. This was after he likened humans to animals.

Subsequently, he took to Instagram with a series of videos which has since gone viral‚ lambasting South African churches for judging gay people as if they are God. Somizi shared how he walked out of the church service when a Ghanaian bishop Dag Heward-Mills slammed homosexuality.

In one of the videos, he made it clear that he is gay and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. “I’m not going to sit there and listen to people offend me, this is who I am! I am a gay man! Get it straight into your skull, my soul is alright with my God. Let me deal with my God, with my soul,” said Somizi in the video.

Furthermore, Somizi called on churches in the country to specify if gay people are welcome to attend church programmes or not. Particularly, he called out to Bishop Mosa Sono of Grace Bible Church where he had been a member for the past 25 years. “I would like to make a plea to churches and mine particularly because I got to Grace Bible Church. Pastor Mosa Sono, say it out that homosexuality is not allowed. Homosexuality is a sin. Gay people must not come to our church.

“Say it so that we know, because we go to church to speak to our God whom I believe accepts me for who I am, whom I believe created me the way I am,” he added.


Somizi’s outburst led to a heated debate on the issue of homosexuality. While some supported his action (walking away from the sermon), some others pointed out that the pastor was preaching against all kinds of sins and lifestyle issues including fornication and adultery which did not see every guilty worshiper walking out.

Nevertheless, watch a clip from the sermon and decide for yourself if Somizi overreacted or not. Meanwhile, Reverend Ezekiel Mathole of the Grace Bible Church in Soweto says Somizi would not be blamed for walking out of a sermon he found homophobic. He also said that the sermon does not mean that the church discriminates against gay people.

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