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Watch: Everything You See On TV About Africa Is B*S – Black Coffee

Black Coffee has cautioned that in the event that you trust all the babble the world feeds you about Africa on TV, you have to leave your parlor and get a training since it’s all garbage.

Speaking at the Midem African Forum this week in Cannes, France, Black Coffee said that anyone getting their info about Africa from the TV box has got it all wrong.

“Firstly, everything you see on TV about Africa is bullsh*t. We are not the Africa that the world shows you today. We have grown.”

The muso says Africa has “developed so much” and that he was still touched by the stereotypes floating around, even in the industry.

“One of the things that I struggled for the longest time, as an artist from there, is when I go do a gig at a place and next to my face on the flyer they will put an African mask and the bongos and the congas (drums). We say no! I am not from that era. Yes it is in my music, but how do you put that flyer next to Kanye? Do you put chains and slaves next to him?”

While the Superman hitmaker is fighting the stereotypes of Africa, he has also warned the young ‘uns about the potential trappings of township life.

“Our biggest struggle till today is getting out of that system. It is the most imprisoning system to be in, because it’s not just about walking out of it. People get comfortable to the point that they love it and so even when they make it in life, they will spend most of their days living in the township, going to hang out the same way the people before them did and eventually they end up back in the township because it is such a toxic place,” he said during a lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy in Montréal, Canada in 2016.

Watch the entire Midem keynote event below.


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