WATCH: Durban Singers Hit It Big With Pop Single In Canada

The ‘answer’ to successful entrepreneurship apparently lies with two Durban girls who are becoming increasingly popular abroad with their indie record label launched in Canada, and a single that was recorded on two separate continents.

Singer Jessica Chaz, and songwriter Vanessa Moodley, both grew up in Durban, and moved to Canada to launch Moodlab Music; an independent music label that they believed would provide more opportunities to women artists.

Since the formation of the record label, Chaz was set to introduce her single ‘Answer’ and album ‘Dreamin’, which is backed by Moodlab.

Chaz, who sang the main vocals, was inspired by her hometown music.

“I grew up with a lot of 60’s and 70’s music. My dad used to play Cliff Richard and Elvis Presley all the time. As I grew older, I grew to love R&B music and jazz too. There was just something about the way the music made me feel,” she said.

‘Answer’ tells the story of despair when one’s dreams are on the line. Parts of the track were recorded in Durban, and Canada.

“No matter what was going on in my life, singing was the one thing I could do, so I fell into it and stayed there,” she added.

Moodley, an award winning music artist, co-produced the track with Chaz and sang backing vocals.

In 2016 Moodley released her debut album ‘Loved’ which was played across Canadian music platforms.

About ‘Dreamin’ Chaz said: “It is the story of my journey to find a way to live out my dream. Dreaming kept hope alive through every curve ball that came my way including hurdles and obstacles I had to face which became stepping stones when I paused to dream again.”

‘Dreamin’ will be released in May with more releases planned for the rest of the year.


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