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Watch Dog Breastfeeding Goat

Bizarre footage of dog breastfeeding baby goats causes confusion as viewers brand it sinful
This bizarre video which appears to show baby goats being breastfed by a DOG has been slammed as ‘sinful’ online by stunned commenters.

Filmed in Kazakhstan, famed in comedy as Sacha Baron Cohen character Borat’s homeland, it’s believed the animals’ mother could have refused to feed them.
An alternative view is that the owner simply wanted to save the goat milk for herself, according to a report on local news portal nur.kz.
Commenters online are reported to have started a discussion on whether it is appropriate to let a dog feed baby goats.

With the majority of Kazakhs being Muslim – 70% – they have called the video haram, an Arabic term meaning forbidden or sin.

Watch video:


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