Watch: DJ Black Coffee To Collaborate With Pharrell And Akon On His Upcoming Album

DJ Black Coffee intends to impart the world to Mzansi through his ritzy album‚ which he intends to drop not long from now and he’s now affirmed collabs with Pharrell Williams and Akon.

The world-renowned DJ confirmed to Complex News that most of the collaborations he has hinted at in the past will be part of his upcoming album which he hopes to release by end of August.

Coffee further revealed that one of his dream collabos was already in the bag with his fave Pharrell‚ plus he is assisting David Guetta with his album in his capacity as a producer.

“I have a lot of them‚ one of them it’s like almost happening‚ which is Pharrell. We working on a song already‚ we spent some time in studio. I’m also working‚ helping David Guetta in doing his album‚ I’m in studio with him next week.”

Y’all remember when he posted that lil teaser on Instagram last year?

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Beautiful Vibes in Studio with one of the Realest @pharrell yesterday….Africa is the Future 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

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Black Coffee said he planned on making his next album for global appeal by accommodating everyone he loves‚ both at home and in the world.

“I’m working on my album‚ so I’m kinda like working with everyone that I really love. So I’m putting together this body of work that I’m hopefully gonna release by the end of August.”

And just because he love us (Mzansi) so much‚ Black Coffee also said in addition to taking Mzansi to the world‚ he would also bring the world to Mzansi‚ like UK star Tom Misch.

“He (Tom) is bringing something so bigger than how young he is. He is bringing something much more deeper that I feel like (that) is balancing the industry out. I’m actually trying to get him to South Africa to perform.”

Watch the rest of the interview below:


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