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WATCH: Die Hard Fans Queue For Kisses From Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu is ensuring her fans keep in mind that she cherishes them, and is plainly not a germaphobe as the artist handed out kisses amid her execution throughout the end of the week at the Platinum Lounge in Johannesburg.

In the video posted on her Instagram account, Wabantu asks her fans to not frighten her as she starts the kissing marathon and ends it with a group photo.

Her fans were clearly excited with Wabantu openness that some of them reacted by jumping up and down after Wabantu planted one on them.

The dancer also posted a picture of one of the lucky fans saying: “I kiss with eyes open Sgebengu, you will never find me with more than 2 people in my Company.”

Wabantu recently returned from her trip to the United States of America and is getting ready to take her vosho skills to Australia later this week.


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