WATCH: Compiled Trevor Noah’s Funniest Moments On ‘The Daily Show’

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah

Comedy Central has just compiled a montage of Trevor Noah’s funniest moments on The Daily Show and it’s probably the funniest thing you will see this week.
This September will mark three years since Trevor Noah took over late night talk show and in his time as the host of The Daily Show, he’s given us plenty of reason to laugh out loud.

We’re no stranger to Trevor Noah’s jokes, as he’s proven to be one of South Africa’s most gifted comedians over the past few years but since taking the mantle on The Daily Show, his brand of humour has been spread to the world – and for the most part it has been well received.

From jokes about Donald Trump and Jacob Zuma, to hilarious monologues about the state of affairs in the USA, Trevor has managed to gain a firm handle on trending news and pop culture while making us laugh along the way
The Comedy Central team decided to take a trip down memory lane by sharing a video of some of Trevor’s funniest jokes over the past two and a half years. Even if you’re watching some of these for the first time, the humour won’t be lost on you.

Twitter fans from around the world have been lauding the video ever since it was uploaded to YouTube this week:





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