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Watch: As Bird Flu Now Spreads To Johannesburg, Causes Egg Shortage


There’s already a butter shortage in South Africa, but now we could be hit with an egg shortage, too, as bird flu continues to ravage farmers.

The Western Cape government estimates the immediate industry losses to be R800m, but stated on Monday that the long-term financial impact is likely to be around R4bn.

The virus has now also been confirmed in Johannesburg, with almost 600 birds dead as a result of it.  The Johannesburg Zoo has also been affected.

 Joburg City Parks and Zoo’s Jenny Moodley said: “The seasonal migration of free-roaming birds has aided the spread unfortunately and this has affected the City of Joburg, including the Joburg Zoo and three other sites which include the Westdene Dam, Emmarentia Dam and Zoo Lake.”

Moodley added: “This is a global problem. It is not just Johannesburg that has been hit by the disease. We have already collected 581 carcasses from these places. This strain that we are dealing with is not known to affect humans but we have taken precautionary measures to ensure safety of people working and visiting the areas.”

Residents who own birds have been urged to monitor them, especially if they live close to the zoo.


Written by How South Africa

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