Watch: Ajay Gupta Lash Out At SA Media For “Condemning” Him

Over the most recent couple of months, Ajay Gupta has all of a sudden discovered his voice. He’s been addressing Indian media, destroying the “agenda” South African news associations have against him.

As uncovered by SABC journalist Neha Poonia, Ajay has denied each charge tossed at him with respect to state catch. He was in full protective mode on Wednesday, keeping up that he and his family are totally blameless.

Where is Ajay Gupta?
The Indian billionaire – currently in his home country for a religious pilgrimage – also moved to protect Duduzane Zuma, claiming that his business deals with the son of former President Jacob Zuma have all been above board:

The SABC reporter broke his media tirade down for the station’s viewers:

“Ajay Gupta says it’s his word against the media’s. He claims he has tried to stay away from politics whilst in South Africa. He maintains the family are innocent, asking: ‘If I’m guilty, why would I keep fighting these accusations?’”

“The South African government can’t prove a single charge against him or his brothers, according to Ajay. He said he just wants to set record straight.”

“They maintain their relationship with Duduzane Zuma started way before his father Jacob assumed the Presidency, and that their company has to employ South Africans as part of the country’s laws. They say Zuma was on their board ‘on merit only.’”

“Ajay Gupta also told SABC he doesn’t want to speak to anyone in South Africa because the media have an agenda where they are ‘vilifying him and his family.’”

The elusive Gupta brother also reiterated his claims from earlier in the week that he would indeed return to South Africa in the near future. Using his family’s residency as a reason to come back, he insisted their time abroad “is not permanent”.


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