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Watch: A Smoker Vs Non-Smoker’s Lungs (Shocking)

In the video a healthy set of lungs are contrasted and those of a man who smoked one pack of cigarettes daily, for 20 years.

Although many people know smoking isn’t good for them, it’s easy for them to keep on smoking because they don’t readily see the damage it’s causing to their lungs.

Amanda Eller, a nurse from North Carolina, recently shared a shocking video on Facebook showing what smoking really does to your lungs.

In the video a healthy set of lungs are compared with those of a person who smoked one pack of cigarettes a day, for 20 years.

The video starts off with the black, cancer-ridden lungs of a heavy smoker failing to properly inflate, then the red-coloured lungs that are shown inflating and deflating as normal.

The video has been shared more than 5 000 times.

In South Africa 17.6% of adults smoke tobacco, with men four times more likely to smoke than women.

And although smoking rates in South Africa have decreased, mostly thanks to legislation and taxation nearly eight million adults are still lighting up to 27 billion cigarettes every year, reports IOL.

Watch the video here:


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