Warning!!! This Black Dot Text Could Cause Your WhatsApp To Crash

WHATSAPP users ought to be watchful for another ‘black dot’ bug that could possibly crash their telephones.

This sneaky flaw has been plaguing users since the weekend and can usually be identified via a black dot in the centre of a WhatsApp message.

The message being sent reads as follows:

” If you touch the black dot, then your WhatsApp will hang t-touch-here”

For WhatsApp users on Android, the message would cause WhatsApp to hang (Freeze or make it unresponsive) if you open it, reports my broadband. You then have to close and relaunch WhatsApp.

In iOS Messages, however, the same text causes the app to hang immediately, AppleInsider reported.

Closing and relaunching the app does not appear to resolve the issue.

The bug affects iPhones and iPads running iOS 11.3 and the beta releases of iOS 11.4.

How to stop the message from affecting you:

1. Move away from the message with the dot in it so it does not appear when you launch Messages.

2. Force the app to close, then create a new message using 3D Touch.

3. Delete the message from another device connected to the same iCloud account.

4. It is also advised to avoid such spam messages from any unknown person.

New information has revealed that an average WhatsApp call uses anything from 0.15 MB to 0.47 Mb per minute, according to a Quora forum finding.

This means that making a three-minute call over WhatsApp instead of regular cellphone call can save you as much as R3.


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