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Vital Tips On How To Stay Safe On The Road While Traveling For The Easter Holidays

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With the first school holidays of the year coming up, it’s a busy time.

Driving Tips:

Two major contributors to road accidents are driver fatigue and drunk driving, which are preventable…. With these tips:

Take breaks along the way
“Drivers need to be mentally alert and in good physical condition when embarking on a road trip, and stop at least every two hours for a break to refresh themselves so that they do not become fatigued, which can impair driving ability,” Ramduth advises.

Don’t drink and drive
Drinking and driving is highly irresponsible be keen not to drive while intoxicated or travel with a driver who is under the influence.

Also ensure that their vehicle is roadworthy and equipped with a spare tyre that is in good repair, basic tools, a reflective triangle and first-aid kit.

Lifesaving safety tips:
Netcare 911 urges road users to follow these basic safety tips:

Always ‘buckle up’: ensure that the driver and passengers are wearing seatbelts and children are properly secured in safety seats at all times during a journey.
Get adequate quality sleep before setting off on your journey.
Avoid drinking alcohol before and during the journey.
Stop and take a break from driving at least every two hours.
If you are feeling tired, stop at a safe place and stretch your legs – wait for at least ten minutes before getting back in the car as you need to ensure that you are properly refreshed – or take a nap if you are still tired.
Keep the temperature in your car cool, since a warmer interior encourages sleepiness.
Make a point of checking blind spots and ‘reading’ road conditions such as watching out for potholes or a slippery surface in rainy weather, as well as oncoming and rear traffic – do not simply keep your eye on the vehicle ahead of you. Also watch out specifically for pedestrians and cyclists near or on the road.
Do not use your cell phone while driving, rather allow your passengers to SMS, tweet and take photographs for you.
Ensure a safe following distance of at least three seconds from the vehicle in front of you.
Stay calm and extend your following distance between erratic and aggressive drivers.
Pack a first-aid kit

Checklist of items for your first-aid kit:

Sterile medical gloves
Cotton wool
A digital thermometer
Two medical eye patches
Burnshield dressing
A variety of bandages and plasters as well as sterile gauze
Antiseptic wipes and liquid
A space blanket
Safety pins, scissors, tweezers
Paracetamol tablets and syrup


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