Video Showing White South African Man Singing in Zulu & Performing Traditional Dance Has Gone Viral

A video showing a white South African man singing in Zulu and performing a traditional dance at a petrol station has gone viral

As people watch the man’s performance, you can hear them say: “His Zulu is proper. It’s as if he was born Zulu.”

The man is apparently 52-year-old Tim Boettiger. The video was filmed at a Caltex petrol station in Crompton Street, Pinetown, KZN.

In the video, Boettiger can be heard singing a Zulu song that goes: “Eyakwabani lentombi engadilozile.” It asks ‘What is the surname of the woman not wearing any underwear?’!

As he leads the song, people who are watching him can be heard singing along

As they continue with the chorus, he begins dancing.

The video was originally posted to Facebook on 31 May this year, and has been trending ever since.

Boettiger works as a promoter. “When local shops have events, they hire me to entertain people,” said Boettiger, who is better known as ‘Ndlovu’.

Mthokozisi Nxumalo (36) said: “This is the world we love. The world where people laugh together, no matter the colour of their skin.”

Skipper Mphahlele: “Beautiful diverse nation we are!!”

Hudson Huddy Muhlava: “My brother from another mother.”

Watch the video below:


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