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Video of Graduate Struggling to Walk in Heels Leaves Mzansi Confused

A video of a young woman struggling to walk in heels has sent social media users into an amused frenzy. The footage shows the woman holding on to another fellow graduate and another man as her high heels get the better of her.

Social media users had no mercy laughing at the young woman’s dilemma. Twitter user GobaBongeka said:

“One can be educated and not be wise.”

While Nolwandle Nkosi said:

“When the shoes were at the store she felt like she could conquer. Then her feet fell asleep on her.”

Maphumzah said:

“I prefer friends who will tell me to wear comfortable shoes so that I don’t end up embarrassing myself in front of the people.”

A few Twitter users added a different perspective, saying that apparently the young lady can’t walk at all but insisted on wearing heels for the ceremony. Her friends then made sure to make her wish come true.

MBuslady said:

“Her dream came true, she can’t walk and wanted to celebrate this day by walking in heels and her true friends made her dream possible. How dom can people be?”


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