Video: Motion To Congratulate Julius Malema Turns Into Chaos – Parliarment

While the motion to congratulate EFF national spokesperson Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi for obtaining his PhD went smoothly in parliament last week, chaos erupted in parliament on Thursday after EFF MPs proposed a motion for Julius Malema to be congratulated for obtaining his honours in philosophy.

The drama unfolded when EFF MP Mmabatho Olive Mokause stood up with the intention of reading a short speech to the House for the leader of the party to be congratulated for his latest milestone. At first, she flowed with the speech until she seemingly made the mistake of referring to Malema as “the president in waiting” and “future” president.

Her second mistake was going overtime, a mistake House chair Thoko Didiza was quick to point out.

Chaos then broke out, with ANC MPs objecting to her referring to Malema as a president in waiting, while EFF MPs insisted the ANC had no right to object to their motion.

The EFF leader did not get his congratulations in parliament.

Watch the video below posted on YouTube by My Africa:

Malema graduated with a Bachelor of Arts honours in philosophy at the University of South Africa (Unisa) on Wednesday, while Ndlozi officially became a doctor after completing his PHD in Political studies at the University of Witwatersrand  South Africa and EFF MPs did not hold back from celebrating with him.

in pictures that have been circulating on social media, EFF leaders attended the ceremony in their red berets and their own graduation gowns. It seems Dali Mpofu decided to attend his son’s album launch, as he was nowhere to be seen in Malema’s graduation pictures. His wife, Mantwa, and grandmother were also in attendance.



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