Video: Metro Officers Go Viral For Taking Time To Be Kind

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A group of SAPS and Metro officers have gone viral for taking the time to be kind to a very special little guy.

Little Aidan spotted the blue flashing lights at the airport yesterday while on his way to pick up his Gran. His mom, Melissa, took to Facebook to share the inspirational story.

Aiden was diagnosed at 18 months with a very rare genetic disorder called Costello Syndrome. So rare in fact that he is the 2nd diagnosis in South Africa and only around 500 people have it world-wide.

He needs abdominal scans every 3 months to screen for cancerous tumours, and heart scans as he has a thickened left ventrical wall. He was born with Culcaneo Vulgus Feet which were corrected surgically in May 2015, he also needed surgery on his spine to release a tethered cord in July 2016, and his latest op (his 11th general anaesthetic) was 3 months later to remove growths protruding into his eyes.

Aiden has spent a lot of time around people who work in South Africa’s specialized service industry and absolutely loves paramedics, firefighters and our police force so bumping into a group of on-duty officers was a huge delight for the little hero.

Their reaction to him, is certainly something that should be in the headlines.

“Yesterday afternoon we were scheduled to pick Granny up at the airport. She was quite delayed so we had some time to kill… when Aidan spotted some blue lights flashing. Well, that was tickets!!!!!!”

“I was instructed to “Go THERE Mommy!!!! THERE. THERE!””

Melissa landed up following him around as he had a “fat chat” to all the SAPS and Metro officers that were on duty.

“They were all enthralled at how curious he was with all his gazzzzzzilllllllions of questions, and of course, how excited he got at banging on their bullet proof vests. He was on the floor laughing when Mommy nearly broke her hand after being instructed to knock on the bullet proof vest too.”

“This is his happy place and there just was no way I was dragging him away before he got to see the inside of the car, and hear the sirens too.”

“One thing I have to say about our police services, whenever they see Aidan waving and going crazy to greet them if ever we’re in the car… 9 times out of 10 they’ll switch on their lights and IF we are lucky, he’ll even get a quick siren as they pull off.

cop insult spokeman

“Thanks to all of the officers who were so amazing with him yesterday.”

“You made one young boy very very happy.”

Check out the video below where Aiden got to switch on the police sirens:


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