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VIDEO: Ladies, If You Have Light, Thin Brows Here’s How to Define it

Eyebrow Tutorial

Well defined and tamed brows shape the face as well as light it up.

The brows- when properly done- have a way of instantly opening up the whole face and creating a ‘done’ effect even when other makeup products are left minimal or not even worn at all. (Taming the brows shape the face perfectly while enhancing the whole facial appearance).

Iris BeilinIris Beilin shows how to nail flawless eyebrows fast


The eyebrows complete the face, though its best brows are shaped and groomed as they are easier to fill and neaten that way. However for some, the challenge is filling sparse/thin/light brows to come off perfect (the few lucky people with full thick brows find it easier to work around/tame).

Eyebrow GroomingEyebrow Grooming is important


See how to work around thin brows in simple steps.



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