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VIDEO: An Incredible Amount Of Bravery Was Shown By This 5-year-old Boy As He Fought Five Vicious Dogs

The footage shows the boy walking a deserted lane with a little girl, and a pack of dogs was sleeping on the road as the children approach them. As the dogs try to attack them, the little girl gets scared and runs away while the boy stands his ground and tries to defend himself. 

He raises his hands in the air to make a threatening gesture towards the dogs, and luckily it worked, causing the dogs to scatter away. Yet, as soon as the boy’s back is turned, another dog tries to attack from a different direction, and he is soon surrounded by a pack of dogs. 


Since this video has been released, it’s surfaced on local news channels and across social media, and people are hailing this little boy for his bravery!


Written by How South Africa

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