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VIDEO: ‘He told me everything’: Henri van Breda’s Girlfriend Breaks Silence

Henri van Breda’s girlfriend‚ Danielle Janse van Rensburg‚ has broken her silence on the conviction and sentencing of her boyfriend for the gruesome murders of his parents and brother‚ and attempted murder of his sister at their luxury Stellenbosch home in 2015.

Janse van Rensburg was like a silent ghost at Van Breda’s trial – always there supporting him but not saying a word.

She got thinner and thinner as the case dragged on‚ and was often seen slipping into Castellos‚ the coffee shop opposite the High Court in Cape Town‚ wearing tiny jeans and a face of anguish.

Since his conviction in May by Judge Siraj Desai‚ she has stayed mum‚ fuelling rumours that she was to be paid handsomely by an Australian television company for exclusive rights to a post-conviction interview.

Now‚ in an episode of 60 Minutes flighted in Australia‚ Janse van Rensburg told the TV show’s interviewer Liz Hayes‚ that she was “very confident in the appeal”.

According to 9News.com‚ the digital platform for the same outlet that flights the 60 Minutes show‚ Hayes interviewed Janse van Rensburg‚ and other key players‚ on South African soil.

Janse van Rensburg told Hayes that her boyfriend was a victim‚ not a killer‚ and was “unable to hurt anything”‚ let alone kill his loved ones.

She also believed every word of the story he told in his plea statement and in court alike. She told Hayes: “He told me everything. He was very open. He was very honest. His story still always made sense to me‚ with the lack of evidence … we are very confident in the appeal.”

Writing for 9News.com‚ reporter Liz Little said that it was clear from the interview with Hayes that “for all the flaws in Henri van Breda’s version of events and the staggering weight (of evidence) against him‚ his girlfriend Danielle justifies much of it with his recent diagnosis of epilepsy”.

Little said that the interview with Hayes showed that “the many inconsistencies in his (Van Breda’s) story” were explained away for Janse van Rensburg by the alleged seizure that he had suffered.

“It’s not necessarily the reason‚ it just does put a lot of things together‚” Janse van Rensburg said in the interview. “Maybe things that I was previously a bit confused about absolutely made sense.”


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