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Video: Four South African Babies Completed The Worlds First Baby Marathon

On the 18th of September, four cute South African babies took part in the worlds first baby marathon. They bravely covered 21kms of toy covered terrain…

Huggies recruited four super cute South African babies to take part in the worlds first ever baby marathon. They were fitted with a new distance-tracking device and software for the marathon. This was done because of a study in New York that found that babies can move up to 4.2kms a day.

Just to clarify… No, there aren’t ten-month-olds out crawling on the streets. (That would be dangerous. And illegal. Besides, the authorities said no.) Instead our chosen babies are attempting to complete 21km across some of the toughest terrain known to, well, babies – their very own dummy-dotted, soft-toy-strewn homes.

The babies are Super-fast 8-month-old, Ramon Thobejane (a.k.a. “Thunder Pants”). Always-on-the-go 9-month-old, Grayson Llewellyn (a.k.a. “Racin’ Grayson”). As-busy-as-she-is-adorable 11-month-old, Thando Sithole (a.k.a. “Hurricane Thando”) and last but not least, punching way above his weight, 7-month-old Dantè Gurumurthi (a.k.a. “Danger Boy”).

Huggies created 4 webisodes to showcase how each of the babies did in their marathons. The result is four babies wobbling bravely where no baby has wobbled before. The episodes have been called “humorous, and sometimes rather dramatic”.




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