Video: Cape Town Soup Kitchen Hosts Local Band To Entertain The Homeless

The band ‘Money for Bali’ teamed up with Breaking Bread and Africa Sunrise Volunteers to provide quality entertainment to the homeless at a soup kitchen.

The Soup sessions was an event series put together by Tim Welsh, the Saxophonist of Money for Bali. He teamed up with Breaking Bread and Africa Sunrise Volunteers to provide weekly entertainment at a soup kitchen in Observatory, Cape Town.

Tim is a music student at University and he wanted to give back to those in need. The idea for the soup kitchen ‘Soup Sessions’ came about when the band was asked to do an event for the homeless earlier in the year.

“It was a powerful experience performing to such a diverse crowd. I then came up with the concept of the Soup Sessions and connected/organised with the right people to make it a reality.”

Breaking Bread provided warm meals and a drink, volunteers helped out and the various bands played the music.

“The events were a great success and every week we managed to feed and entertain more and more homeless people. As the events progressed we found more people coming and engaging with the homeless community which was great.” – Tim Welsh

The event was enjoyed by everyone and became the highlight every Friday on the streets of Observatory.

The band arranged a videographer, David Clifford – Holmes and photographer, Paige Fiddes to be at each ‘Soup Session’ and created a web series of the events. You can watch the reactions and enjoyment felt by the homeless at the soup kitchen below.


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