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Video: 10-Year-Old Ballroom Dancers Amazes Judges On South Africa Got Talent

An amazing duo – 10-year-old Ethan May and Ciara Roberts from Bonteheuwel in Cape Town totally dropped the mic on SA’s Got Talent on Sunday with their showstopping performance as ballroom dancers.

The dancing duo who smoothly swerved to the rhythm of Miriam Makeba’s Phata Phata apparently made it to the next round with a lot of applause from the judges. After their breathtaking performance, Jamie described them, saying “you two are absolutely magnificent!” DJ Fresh agreed, adding “Well done, that was brilliant.” Shado Twala who danced along as Ethan and Ciara entertained the audience was most excited about the dancing duo telling them to “keep smiling.”

Admittedly, the pair’s dancing is bound to take them places as they are already taking every step like pros at such a young age. Watch the adorable ballroom dancers here. Meanwhile, on the brand-new season of SA’s Got Talent, 12-year-old Durbanite, Fazlyn Naidoo became the first contestant to receive a Golden Buzzer.

While Naidoo wished she could win the hearts of all three judges, she said she wanted to impress Shado the most and she did. SA’s Got talent veteran judge, Shado Twala, was blown away by her amazing talent, telling her: “I’m gobsmacked at the gift you have. You’re going to go far.”

This was right before she used her Golden Buzzer to show how amazing the 12-year-old’s performance was. Notably, each judge gets to use the golden buzzer once in a season.

This is why it is reserved for a special act that they really believe can make it to the top. Once the Golden Buzzer goes off, the contestant is automatically sent straight to the live semi-final rounds.  Considering Falzlyn had the judges in tears, there’s no doubt she deserves this honour. Watch her performance here;


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