Vicki Momberg: Four reasons Why She Is Suing The Courts For Millions

Vicki Momberg has done the time, but now she wants exonerating of her crime. The convicted racist was released from prison in December, after partially serving her sentence for crimen injuria. But she’s now chasing a huge payout, and if successful, her new favourite K-word could be “Ker-ching!”

On the off chance you’ve forgotten, Momberg became the first South African to be jailed for using racist language. Her excessive deployment of the offensive term in question was caught on camera, and the video went viral. Following a convoluted trial, appeals process and subsequent court hearings, the Durban-based citizen was allowed to walk free.

Why is Vicki Momberg suing the legal system?

But Vicki Momberg isn’t ready to let bygones be bygones. She is preparing to file a lawsuit worth R8.5 million, in a bid to clear her name and take the authorities to task. The NPA, South African Judiciary and even SAPS are being targeted by her legal team – but what exactly will she argue?

Unlawful arrest and detention: Momberg’s team will challenge the decision to arrest her in 2016 – she went on her infamous rant shortly after she was mugged in the street. They want R2.5 million in compensation.

Defamation, pain and anguish: Vicki Momberg believes that the treatment she received in the courtroom and from police officials made her ‘guilty before a trial’. She’s looking for a R1 million payout in this regard.

Malicious legal proceedings: The former jailbird went through a slew of defence teams and lawyers, falling out with almost every legal representative assigned to her. Momberg wants R2.5 million on this front.

Wrong legal proceedings: Two different things, we’re told. But with the same potential damages of R2.5 million.

Could she clear her name?

Furthermore, the lawyers representing Vicki Momberg have claimed that the order of apprehension served down to her at the time meant she could not be detained. This is because it differs from a warrant of arrest and, therefore, the magistrate who initially jailed their client “had no jurisdiction on the matter”.

In the best case scenario for Momberg, she is looking to secure R8.5 million in damages from various legal departments. Should she be successful, it would scrap the most well-kown precedent South Africa has for crimen injuria convictions and the use of racist language. Indeed, this case is heading into extra-time.


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