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Veteran Actor Joe Mafela May Have Died From Medical Condition, Not Car Accident – New Report Shows!

Veteran actor Joe Mafela passed away on Saturday night following a road accident which happened on the M1 North in Johannesburg.

Though he was involved in a car crash, authorities think the actor apparently died from a medical condition. This is based on the fact that Mafela who was found dead at the scene of the accident did not sustain apparent injuries during the crash, metro police said on Sunday.

In other words, the accident didn’t injure him to the point of killing him.

“The injuries were not visible… it looks like it could have been a medical condition,” said Johannesburg Metro Police spokeswoman Edna Mamonyane.

The accident happened at 21:45 on Saturday on the M1 highway between Oxford Road and Houghton along a passage of road where construction is going on.

“We can confirm that at 21:45 on M1 North between the Oxford and Houghton turn-offs there was an accident between a Ford Figo and a bakkie which took place in a construction zone. The Bakkie hit the Ford which caused damage to the left-hand side of the Ford Figo. The driver of the Figo [Mr Mafela] was declared fatal by paramedics on the scene. His fatal condition may have been a medical condition that was brought in during the accident but an investigation into this is now underway,” said Mamonyane.

Accordingly, a post-mortem would now be conducted to determine his actual cause of death.

Actor Joe Mafela was born in 1942 in Limpopo. During his career which spanned decades, he won several awards in SA film, television, music and threatre.

He is best remembered for his role in the 1980s in the Zulu sitcom ‘Sgudi, ‘Snaysi. Also, he was a popular star in Madam & Eve, Going Up and Shooting Stars. He also starred in a number of other local and international films.


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