Unathi Msengana Talks on Reasons She Left Metro FM

Unathi Msengana has revealed the reason she left local radio station, Metro FM.

In her first interview since leaving the station, The South African media personality set the record straight about why she made the decision to part ways with Metro FM.

“I don’t feel pressure and that is why I just left radio. I was on some ‘I don’t like what is going on right now and I am not going to put up with it anymore because I am great at what I do,” she told Gareth Cliff on Cliff Central.

Before leaving, rumours emerged that Unathi wasn’t happy with working with Khanyi Mbau.

Despite the fact that Unathi didn’t want to go into further detail about her decision to leave, she said that she pitied the bosses.

Unathi said the bosses didn’t know what it is like to be a radio DJ.

As for Unathi right now, she says she is living her best life!

She said, “I am ratchet! I am doing things that I never used to do. I love it,”.


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