Two New Movies Releasing In SA Today

Dwayne Johnson is back in cinemas this weekend with a new action-packed blockbuster.

In Skyscraper, The Rock plays former FBI agent and amputee Will Sawyer who lives in the tallest and “safest” skyscraper in Hong Kong with his family. When the building comes under attack by terrorists he is forced to take action.

Here are the two new movies releasing in SA today:
Movie: Skyscraper

Our rating: 3/5

Short review: We all know how the movie is going to end but its the bits in the middle that surprise you that actually make this different from your generic Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson blockbuster.

Movie: Kings

Our rating: 1/5

Short review: Kings is a woefully misguided, surprisingly ineptly told film that is built around about the true-life events of the LA Riots, the after effects of which still resonate across American society today, and deserve far better treatment than they get here.



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