Two Men Shot In Fourways Business Robbery

Two Men Shot In Fourways Business Robbery

Two people have been shot and wounded in a business robbery near the Lion Park T-Junction, just outside Fourways.

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It’s understood that a group of armed men stormed the premises and shot the two workers before fleeing the scene on Wednesday night.

Netcare 911’s Nick Dolman said: “On arrival, paramedics attended to two male victims who had allegedly been shot during a robbery incident. Both victims had sustained serious injuries, they were stabilised by paramedics on scene and transported to the hospital for further medical assessment and care.”

Dolman says that according to witnesses on the scene, a third man was shot and removed from the scene by private car.

“Bystanders said there was a third person who’d been shot and was removed by a private transport prior to paramedics arriving on the scene. We were not able to confirm that, as the person was not there when we arrived.”


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