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Two Julius Malemas? EFF Warns Public Of Fraudster ‘Posing As Juju’

In a quite incredible turn of events, the EFF has been forced to issue a statement on Thursday afternoon, after it was revealed someone in South Africa had been illegally using Julius Malema’s identity for the past five years. The Red Berets have condemned the impersonator for putting Juju’s safety “at-risk”.

The EFF state that the individual was using a fake passport with an old photo of Julius Malema for the photo ID. The fraudster has also been contacting people from a Gmail account, in an attempt to solicit funds from foreign investors who believe they’re talking to the real CIC.

Who has been impersonating Julius Malema?

It’s not been made clear just how successful the second-coming of Julius Malema has been. But his presence is enough to put South Africa’s third-largest political party on red alert. Furthermore…

  • The impersonator was recently in contact with a German businessman, attempting to score money from him.
  • Using the email ““, the identity-shifting crook would try and dupe his targets.
  • The fake passport contains Julius Malema’s correct date of birth, but the ID number is completely altered.
  • The EFF is urging people to contact them if they feel they’ve been approached by the fake Juju.

Fake Jujus: EFF condemns ‘security threat’

This wacky attempt to hustle investors out of their money may raise a chuckle or two in some quarters, but the EFF is taking this ‘violation’ extremely seriously. They’ve stated that these actions will jeopardize Malema’s reputation. Truly, having such a dedicated imitator is hardly flattering when the stakes are so high:

“The negative consequences this can have on Julius Malema’s reputation – as well as the security of him and his family – are immense, and we are concerned that this individual has been operating under this falsified identity since 2015. We call on the Department of Home Affairs to act immediately on the matter.”

EFF statement

Written by Mathew

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