Tshedi Mholo Is In A Nasty Brawl Over Gate

Mholo opened up that she was in the process of getting a protection order against Williams when she was served with one in March. She tried continuously to open a case with the police but was referred to court. The court then failed to intervene as the matter was a Rental Housing Tribunal issue.

She also lodged a complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission, but that was dismissed.

Mholo said there was an agreement to cut the gate in half and she fixed her part.

“He took out a protection order against me that I’m intimidating him, I cut his gate, I speak about him on social media, I’m being escorted by police and I called EFF.”

Williams confirmed they had agreed to cut the gate in half and split the cost among themselves. However, he accused Mholo of acting prematurely.

“She has violated certain conduct rules that’s why I took up the protection order. In between this she has had EFF members and supposed parliament members harassing me on the phone,” Williams told Sowetan.

“Members of the EFF came to a body cooperate meeting. They were not invited but they were very polite. They heard both sides and we never heard from them again.”

Mholo is also facing a civil case as Williams wants her to fix his side of the gate after she took it upon herself to cut the gate before consulting him.

EFF Gauteng leader Mandisa Mashego confirmed they were aware of the situation and attempted to intervene.


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