Trolley Surfing? Man Seen Riding Trolley At 60km/h Down Browns Drift Road (Video)

AN uMgeni Park resident has captured footage of a man riding a shopping cart down Browns Drift Road.

Terry Lewis, who lives on Collard Road said he was shocked to find the man freewheeling down the sloped road just after lunchtime on Wednesday.

“He was doing around 60km/h. I couldn’t believe it when I began driving down Browns Drift Road – he was cruising. He didn’t look perturbed that I was behind him. He kept checking to see how close I was to him and I lost sight of him as we neared the traffic lights,” he said.
Lewis, a longtime resident of the area said he was familiar with the road as he himself rode a skateboard down the road as a teenager. He added however that this was the first time he had ever seen someone ‘trolley surfing’.


Written by GR

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