Trial for murder of black farmer from Brits delayed

The family of a Brits farmer who was allegedly killed by a local businessman and his child will just know the result of the criminal preliminary one year from now.

Recently Judge Moses Mavundla postponed the preliminary of North West building contractor Schalk Myburgh and his child Schalk Jnr to February.

They have argued not liable to killing Muraga Mavula in December 2015 by seriously ambushing him and driving a bakkie over him.

Mavula and his children were searching for a lost goat on the day the Myburghs blamed them for stock robbery.

Mavula’s wife earlier testified that her daughter had run into her room and said her father had phoned and said whites were killing him. She rushed to the scene to find him dead.

The Myburghs admitted they had an altercation with Mavula, but said they had acted in self-defence after he had attacked them when they confronted him about the men who were loading dead animals onto a bakkie.

An autopsy found Mavula had 48 rib fractures, ruptured liver and lungs, massive bleeding on the head and had died of blunt force injuries.

Specialist forensic pathologist Gert Saayman had testified that the injuries indicated a car accident involving a pedestrian and not assault.


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