Racial Discrimination In America – Trevor Noah

“If you’re black, you are constantly black and that blackness is always affecting you in some way or another.”

Trevor, who took over the reigns from Jon Stewart as the host of The Daily Show, opened up about some of the discrimination that he has faced while living in New York.

“It’s often very small things but they pile up. Cab drivers don’t pick you up. It happens to me. Or you go into a corner store and get followed, or people say things about you. It’s often not blatant, but it’s entrenched,” he told the magazine

The funnyman did admit that movements like Black Lives Matter has shown people that they can have a voice and be proactive.

“It has been a fantastic proponent for new conversations about race, which is amazing.”

It’s probably one of his most hard-hitting interviews since becoming the host of the popular talk show. When he first started, there was much criticism from pundits, who claimed that somebody who was not American would not sit well with an American audience.

However, Comedy Central has previously said that it is happy with audience figures, explaining that he caters to a younger audience.

Since taking over the show, Trevor has been spotted hanging out with high-profile celebrities including John Legend and Lenny Kravitz.

In the interview, Trevor explains that he has a ‘fanboy’ crush on fellow South African Charlize Theron, explaining that she has aged “majestically.”


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