Trevor Noah Opens Up About Not Having Running Water While Growing Up In SA (Video)

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah’s latest story about having to fetch water at the crack of dawn is everything.
He shared his own experiences with living in a water-starved area when he visited his cousins who lived in the “villages”.

Noah recounted the occasions in his youth when he used to visit his family who had to collect water from a communal tap that was over “a mile away” (roughly 1.6 km).

He begins by explaining that the first time it happened, he was shocked to be woken up so early only to discover that this was essential if they wanted to have clean and usable water in their homes.

“My cousin would wake me up at like 05:00. I’d be like: ‘Dude, what are you doing?’. He’s like: ‘We got to get water.’ And I’m like: ‘What?’,”

The story becomes even funnier when Trevor explains that his cousins, who were much stronger than him, were “shredded” because of the weight of the liquids they’d be transporting.



His American followers sympathised with just how difficult life can be in other parts of the world.

A few commenters took to YouTube to write: “We Americans, no matter how poor, don’t even realize how luxurious our lives are compared to some other countries around the world.”

“I had no idea that his upbringing involved so few amenities. That’s kinda crazy. If he was something like 45, that seems a little easier to stomach. But damn, the dude’s only 7 years older than me and he spent his childhood literally at risk of running out of water. Here it’s like maybe once a decade a pipe breaks underground and we need to go next door”

If you’ve ever lived in rural South Africa, you’ll probably be able to relate to Trevor’s story on some level.



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