Holiday and Travels: 10 Good Reasons to Visit South Africa in Winter

Holiday and Travels

Everyone knows that South Africa is the ultimate tourist destination, but most people travel in spring or summer to make the most of the fantastic weather and gorgeous beaches.

But visiting South Africa in winter can be just as amazing, and if not better! Here’s why:

1. Off-season delights

Winter is the ‘off season’ so when it comes to booking accommodation or going away for a weekend with family and friends, chances are your costs are going to be significantly lower than if you were booking in summer (unless it’s during the school holidays, of course).


2. No tan? No problem!

We all know British summers can be a washout, so if you are heading back to South Africa you might be worried about being a whiter shade of pale than you’ve ever been before.

Fortunately, it’s not really a problem, as everyone else will be just as pale as during the South African winter.

Chances are, you’re even likely to catch a tan!


3. Peaceful game reserves

No need to worry about fighting your way through the crowds of tourists in their jeeps and cars trying to spot the animals. You’ll more than likely have a clear path on your way around the game reserve.


4. Intimate winter braais

Braais may be seen as a summer pasttime, but sitting around a fire keeping warm and roasting marshmallows is one of the best ways to spend a cool winter’s evening.



5. Easier to spot wildlife

As it’s winter, there won’t be heaps of thick green bush keeping all the animals hidden from your view.

Winter time is actually one of the best times of year to visit game reserves for this very reason.


6. The whales are out 

June is the start of the whale-watching season along the Cape coastlines, and so winter is the ideal time to visit if you want to see these magnificent sea creatures up close and personal.


7. No hoards of tourists

You won’t have to jostling through hoards of tourists in your favourite spots. Shorter queues mean more time having fun and enjoying your holiday!


8. Experience the sardine run

Every June/July, the coastline from Cape Town through to Mozambique sees one of the largest migrations in the world – the sardine run. The buzz it creates and the energy on the beaches when these fish make their appearance is electric and should be experienced at least once in a lifetime.


9. Cosy up to a log fire 

With many of the popular vineyards, game reserves, and homes in South Africa having cosy fireplaces, winter is the perfect time to snuggle up with friends and loved ones in front of a log fire with a lekker glass of local Pinotage or vintage port.


10. Hiking in the Drakensberg

You can enjoy some of the most stunning scenery while hiking in the Berg in winter. And, as it’s winter, you won’t be working up too much of a sweat.


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