Traditional Rulers Reacts To The Local Movie The Wound (Inxeba)

traditional rulers angry over Movie The wound

According to the traditional rulers The film is one that records conventional circumcision in South Africa in a way which many has portrayed as improper.

AmaXhosa ruler Mpendulo Zwelonke Sigcawu and Contralesa’s childhood wing in the Eastern Cape have collaborated against universally acclaimed neighborhood motion picture, The Wound (Inxeba). Chairperson of the Contralesa’s youth wing, Prince Ntsindisi Mdunyelwa threatened to start a campaign to ban movies like The Wound on the basis that it reveals more than is allowed.

traditional rulers angry over Movie The wound

As a result, Sigcawu and other traditional leaders have reportedly planned to lodge a complaint against the movie to the Film and Publication Board as well as the National Heritage Council. In addition to saying that the movie is “too graphic”, Sigcawu said it’s also an insult to the tradition and might incur the wrath of the ancestors. “The movie made everything public – even the very sensitive and secret things. It is insulting to the tradition because it stripped the tradition of its secrecy and sacredness. This will provoke the wrath of ancestors. Attacking and insulting this custom is an attack to our ancestors,” Sigcawu told The Times.

Mdunyelwa also told the publication he would mobilise society to make a clarion call for a ban on any broadcasting of content related to traditional circumcision. South Africans including celebrities have also taken to social media to boycott the film, saying it was an “insult” to culture. Notably, The Wound tells the story of Kwanda‚ a gay factory worker‚ who goes from the city to the rural area of his family’s origin to be circumcised in a traditional rites-of-passage ceremony. Lead actor NakhaneTouré admitted to being nervous about how the local audience would react to the film due to its controversial theme.

John Trengove said the film was receiving backlash even though he omitted much of the rite. Toure, said people were “just really mad” that the film existed even though they did not know what the film was about or who made it. Notwithstanding the challenges and backlash, The Wound (Inxeba) will be out in cinemas in February next year.


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