Top Ten Things That South Africans Living Abroad Miss The Most

There is no doubt that many South Africans are in the bad habit of complaining about the county and everything that’s going in it by default. Even if they had a mere bad day they would start blaming the state of the nation and the government first. Well, it’s no secret that South Africa is still developing and can be easily considered a third-world country with serious pains in its growing process.

But, happiness is a very relative state for the grumpy South African, and even if everything was perfect the grumpy ones would still complain. But, those same grumpy South Africans have a lot to miss when they are going abroad. The things that gives them fuzzy and warm feeling in their hearts of belonging to a wonderful nation regardless of what state the nation is in. So, here are the 10 things that South Africans living abroad miss the most.

1. Simba chips

South Africa’s favorite family snack. Where there’s fun, there’s Simba Chips. Flavor roarrrs from South Africa’s king of chips made from the very best potatoes in the country. So good that you don’t want to share them with anyone.

2. All Gold Tomato Sauce

This iconic tomato sauce is so legendary that it easily beats the world famous Heinz tomato sauce. It is a 750 ml bottle crammed full of real tomato flavor that makes every South African dish even more delicious. There’s no convenient store that doesn’t have this sauce.


3. Casinos

There are many South Africans that really miss going to the casinos in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Port Elizabeth etc., so to fulfill their appetite form some casino games instead they have to look for sites where you can gamble in Rands. Luckily, there are plenty of those.

4. Weather

Not too cold, and not too hot, that’s something that rarely a country has. Despite the fact that South Africans complain about how freezing the weather is when it gets to 10°C, or how unbearably hot is when it gets 30°C, they immediately realize how good of a weather South Africa has when they get to travel to hotter or colder countries.

5. Braai’s

Americans have their BBQ, South Africans have their braai. And when South Africans braai they really BRAAI. It’s not just a simple meat cooking on flames in the backyard, it’s a real cooking right from the heart. Standing next to the flames smelling like burnt wood and watching that wood-smoked meat roast is something that warms the heart of every South African.

6. Family and Friends

You may live somewhere a lot nicer than South Africa, you may be on the Caribbean sunbathing on a nice beach with crystal clear turquoise blue water and enjoying life, but there is nothing that you miss more than your family and friends. Be able to take a walk with them in the beautiful mountains while inhaling that distinctive smell of South Africa.

7. Bribing Your Way Out of Trouble

Sad, but true. Bribing your way out of trouble is something that you will have hard time doing in Germany, Denmark, England, or some other first-world country where laws are laws. It’s not that there are no corrupt police officers or government officials there, but they don’t prosper as much as they do in South Africa.

8. Cheap Cars and Petrol

Not only cheap cars and petrol, but a service where you are served by a human being and having the chance to interact with that human being, and not that self-service like in America or other countries.

9. Table Mountain

That beautiful view and the lights of Cape Town when you are atop the Table Mountain. 24 million visitors have unforgettable experience every year when visiting Cape Town and climb on the Table Mountain.

10. Hearing Your Slang

Isn’t it wonderful when you are abroad and you hear a guy or girl talking with your slang and accent? A smile appears on your face immediately and you get a feeling like you want to hug that guy or girl and just talk on whatever subject in order to listen to that beautiful language.



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