Top Lies That Women Tell

ladies gossiping
Friends whispering secret to shocked brunette

Men lie, women lie, we all lie. 

But definitely, a huge percentage of men will tell you their female counterparts have the most lies and vice versa. So, we asked our community to tell us the top lies women told and the answers are hilarious!


1. I love you

2. I don’t have a boyfriend

3. He’s just a friend

4. I’m on my period

5. I’ll be ready in five minutes

6. I’m not mad at you

7. I’m not the jealous type

8. I don’t have feelings for you

9. My battery was low

10. You’re the only love of my life

11. I’m 19 years old

12. I’m fine

ladies gossiping

13. Just tell me, I won’t be mad

14. That was great

15. I don’t normally do this


3. He’s just a friend


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