Top African Businesswoman Now Refuses To Come To South Africa After Being Humiliated At The Embassy In Addis Ababa

Ethiopian businesswoman, Bethlehem Alemu, who says she was humiliated at the South African embassy in Addis Ababa while trying to obtain a visa to travel to Johannesburg, no longer has to travel to the country.

Alemu, who has been named on the Forbes World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list, was due to be part of a photoshoot in Johannesburg.

The businesswoman took to Twitter on Monday saying that she was unable to get a visa into SA after enduring “humiliating, disgusting and xenophobic treatment” at the hands of an official at the South African embassy in Addis Ababa.

She noted her disappointment and intention to cancel her planned visit to the country.

Bethlehem Alemu✔@BethlehemAlemu

Thanks to the world’s largest business magazine for the honor. However, I won’t be coming to the photoshoot in Joburg owing to the humiliating, disgusting + xenophobic treatment I endured at the hands of the Visa officer at the South African embassy in Addis. Absolutely outrageous!

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO)’s head of public diplomacy, Clayson Monyela, would not immediately comment to Business Insider on Tuesday, citing it as a Home Affairs issue.

“We note the incident with deep regret,” David Hlabane, media manager for the department of home affairs, told Business Insider. He went on to say they were investigating the matter.

“The remedial action that we will take will be determined by the information we receive,” he said.

Speaking to Business Insider on Wednesday, Monyela added that Forbes had subsequently made arrangements for Alemu’s pictures to be taken in Addis Ababa.

“We have extended an invitation to her to visit the country, she has agreed, she has not given us a date yet, but she will visit,” he says. It is not yet clear what action will be taken against the official.

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