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Top 7 Wedding Venues in Gauteng

Have you got your marriage ceremony coming up soon and you are considering the best wedding venues Gauteng that you can choose from to have a beautiful experience? Whether your choice of an event centre is an outdoor club, medium-sized garden, or even if it is a place that breeds intimacy, this article contains a selection of wedding venues that you can choose from. Also, if you want a befitting location that will not cost you so much, there is a variety that you can choose from here.

wedding venues Gauteng

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Marriage ceremony comes once in a lifetime, and that is why it is worth giving it your best shot. As a part of your planning process, choosing a befitting event centre is imperative, and while you are doing so, depending on your plan or budget, you need to put some factors into consideration. Some of these factors include the serenity of the environment, the capacity of the centre, and how secure the place is. Therefore, the following are some of the best marriage ceremony event centres that you can consider.

Wedding venues in Gauteng

Among other things, one of your first considerations while preparing for your nuptial ceremony will probably be where befitting wedding venues Gauteng are. Check out the following list.

1. Chez Charlene wedding venue

Located at R223, Lynnwood, Pretoria, 0032, Chez Charlene is a five-star event centre that has an idyllic country setting with world-class cuisine and hospitality. The beauty and tranquillity that it grants every occasion are second to none alongside the unparalleled style and elegance. Right from the guardhouse down to the sweeping romantic country lane, the nuptial ceremony centre has an inviting and convenient setting that breeds a feeling of safety and exclusivity.

wedding venues in Gauteng

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It is a perfect place to have your nuptial ceremony, especially if you have been dreaming of a place where you and your better half could have fun and total comfort while the nuptial ceremony rolls on. Moreover, every ‘ingredient’ that creates lasting memories as well as makes dreams come true is made available there.

2. Shepstone Gardens

Do you need beautiful and cheap wedding venues in Johannesburg? No doubt, Shepstone Gardens is your best bet. This event centre is beautifully situated at 10 Hope Rd, Mountain View, Johannesburg, 2192 and has remained one of the best places to choose from, especially for those who desire garden wedding venues in Johannesburg. It is a magnificent event centre where your most significant occasion is nurtured into unforgettable moments that you would forever cherish.

wedding venues in Gauteng

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Talk of the stone pillars, marble floors and chandeliers, all of which are there to give a sense of opulence to your nuptial ceremony day. The fairy lights and flowers drape from the ceiling are there to give you a more romantic atmosphere. Also, the Grand Hall, Chapel, Natural Arch and Glass Marquee are some of the options that you can choose from when considering Shepstone Gardens for your wedding.

3. Kleinkaap Garden weddings and functions

In the list of affordable wedding venues Gauteng, Kleinkaap Garden is one of the event centres that resonates. One of the beautiful things about this event centre is its portable space which is capable of accommodating up to 400 guests. By implication, in case you are looking for small intimate wedding venues Gauteng where you can enjoy the best of time with your guests and also have a sense of intimacy and connection with one another, then you should consider this place. There are nuptial ceremony coordinators on the ground who are available to help you through.

wedding venues in Gauteng

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4. Everwood country weddings

There is no doubt in the fact that the venue of Everwood country weddings stands out among the wedding venues in Muldersdrift. The event centre is located in beautiful tranquil gardens at Nooitgedacht around Muldersdrift, and it guarantees complete exclusivity for your special occasion. They have a beautiful and elegant banqueting hall that is fully draped and can comfortably seat between 80 and 200 guests. If you are considering having a family nuptial ceremony and you need small wedding venues Gauteng, it is an excellent place to consider.

wedding venues in Gauteng

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5. The Forest Walk venue

Whether you live in the province or you need one of the best venues in Johannesburg that you can consider for your next nuptial ceremony, Forest Walk venue will not be a bad location to use. Interestingly, the event centre is located in the heart of Glen Austin between Johannesburg and Pretoria. By implication, if you need small wedding venues Johannesburg or you are looking for one of the cheapest wedding venues in Pretoria, you can consider them. They also have decent restrooms, parking lots, and a conducive atmosphere for your events.

wedding venues in Gauteng

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6. The Stone Cellar

One of the new wedding venues in Gauteng that anyone would vouch for is the Stone Cellar. Located at R23 Heidelberg Balfour road, Heidelberg, Gauteng, 1441, the nuptial and function event centre is situated on the slope side of the Suikerbosrand River Valley which makes it perfect for your occasion. Everything that you need to make your day memorable is provided for at the event centre, and they ensure that whatever you imagined about your wedding day is exactly what you get. Sure you don’t want to miss the venue to have your nuptial ceremony held at all!

wedding venues in Gauteng

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Guess what? If you need a location apart from the usual indoor event centre that most people use, then visit them. They provide you with natural surroundings that will give your occasion a special feel as well as old-style wooden benches or other types of outdoor seating that will make your nuptial ceremony unique. Their reception area will create a warm and homely atmosphere for your guests, and it can seat up to 150 people. In short, this is one of the best outdoor wedding venues Gauteng.

7. Morrells boutique hotel

Among the various wedding venues Johannesburg has, Morrells boutique hotel is a place where you are never left alone. If you talk of where crystal and lavender meet, olive grove and tumbling roses embrace around neatly-trimmed gardens, Morrells boutique venue is the place! They have a dedicated team of event planners who will be willing to guide you through so that you can enjoy an unforgettable experience as you have your nuptial ceremony with them.

Top wedding venues Gauteng

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8. Grace Falls Wedding & Function Venue

Your best consideration when looking for forest wedding venues Pretoria is Grace Falls Wedding and Function Venue, and the reason is simple; it is a beautiful forest wedding venue that has been nestled neatly on the outskirts of Pretoria. They have a variety of facilities and settings for your use, and their facility guide will be willing to walk you through around the place at any time.

wedding venues in Gauteng

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The dams, forest, beautiful gardens, and the river will give you exquisite photos that will make your nuptial ceremony resonate even long after you have finished the event. Among all the cheap wedding venues Gauteng, Grace Falls offers one of the best prices that you can ever think of. It is a place where you pay less to enjoy more.

Self-catering wedding venues Gauteng

Should you be looking for wedding venues Benoni town or wedding venues Krugersdorp, these carefully selected event centres would be worth considering depending on your plan, budget and the class of people that you are expecting. So, for your self-catering services, these are valuable considerations.

  • Ancient Windmill guest house and conference venue
  • The Faraway Tree party venue
  • Makiti wedding and function venues
  • Summer Garden self-catering townhouses (The Garden Shed)
  • Monte Vista wedding venue
  • Usambara wedding venue

It is your time and season, and you have to give it all that it takes! Therefore, among other things, these wedding venues Gauteng province have been carefully selected for you. This is so that, irrespective of your location within the province and your choice of place, you will find one that is suitable for you. Besides, once you make your choice from these lists, you will be able to focus on other essential things in your marriage ceremony preparation process.


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