Top 7 Ways Women Push Their Men Away

When dealing with people, quality time, energy and devotion must be invested into the relationship. A good relationship tends to get worse when either party starts to do things the other can’t tolerate.
The understanding principle or will of the other party would be needed when such situation arises, and when it is lacking, there is every likelihood that the relationship could get ruined.
Men and women are totally different when it comes to communication and ladies are fond of taking the drama queen role that might not go down well with their partner.
Ladies could ignorantly do things they believe are normal dating behaviour but they may inadvertently turn off their men, which could finally push him away.
These are some of the ways you may be pushing your partner away and not realise.
1. Nagging
Carl Jung once said everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Take it easy on yourself and equally with your partner, easy does it in life.
Avoid nagging over anything and everything, allow peace, happiness and respect to reign. There are many ways to address issues and nagging is definitely not one of them.
2. Being too clingy
Some ladies can be so pathetically possessive to the extent that the man starts to get irritated.
Yes, we know, he is your guy and we know you are excited about him, but do you really have to get emotional over everything?
Don’t let your guy think you are needy or clingy. He is yours and you are in the best position to make him respect you for who you are but being so possessive is a ‘no-no’.
3. Being too demanding
Suffocating your guy emotionally and financially is one red flag you should avoid. Lack of trust and low self-esteem are some of the factors that contribute to ladies being too demanding.
Guys love confident ladies, so if you guy senses that you aren’t that confident lady he always envisaged, he backs off.
Don’t smother him, let him breathe; you just make sure you build your self-esteem and be loved in return.
4. Trying to change him
There is nothing a guy hates more in this world that being compared to another being.
Once a lady starts pointing out her man’s faults in a derogatory way, she is pushing him away unknowingly.
The best road to a man’s heart is to talk to him about those things he treasures most, appreciate what he loves and does. You could always bring out the best in him but trying to change him is not the best way to go about that.
5. Negative thoughts
You have to stop being ‘negative Janet’ when he tells you about his plan; avoid constant negative questions and statements.
It isn’t proof that you have genuine concerns for the relationship but proof that your trust is wavering.
6. Dishonesty
For a healthy and meaningful relationship, dishonesty should be avoided, as it does nothing but strangle a relationship.
Dishonesty could bring a long-term relationship crashing down. It makes your partner think he doesn’t know you enough or the real you.
7. Dwelling in the past
If you decide to live in the past and constantly talk about his or your ex, what you are doing is pushing him away.
There is no lady on earth who would love it when her partner brings up matters relating to his ex. Just as you get tend to get jealous, so does the guy.
Always avoid dwelling on ugly matters of the past.
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